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Corporate Separateness Notice

Pursuant to services agreements between Imperial Oil Limited and ExxonMobil Business Support Centre Canada ULC ("EMBSCC") and ExxonMobil Canada Ltd. ("EMC") and ExxonMobil Chemical Films Canada Ltd. ("EMCFCL"), Imperial Oil Limited provides human resource services to EMBSCC, EMC and EMCFCL. Only material differences between Imperial, EMBSCC, EMC and EMCFCL corporate benefit plans and employment policies are noted in the summaries contained on this site.

The information on this site applies to employees of Imperial, EMBSCC, EMC and EMCFCL. Nothing in this material is intended to override the corporate separateness of local entities. Working relationships discussed in this material do not necessarily represent a reporting connection, but may reflect a functional guidance, stewardship or service relationship. Where shareholder consideration of a local entity matter is contemplated by this material, responsibility for action remains with the local entity. The terms corporation, company, affiliate, Imperial, Imperial Oil, Esso, our, we and its, as used in this material, may refer to Imperial Oil Limited, to one of its divisions, to the companies affiliated with Imperial Oil Limited, or to any one or more of the foregoing. The shorter terms are used merely for convenience and simplicity.